Paradigm Fall Savings

November 22, 2023
Nov 22, 2023 2:18 PM

Save at least 15% off MSRP on models listed below.

Offer valid: Now through to January 2, 2024.

All Paradigm speakers are designed, crafted and built in Canada featuring premium drivers.

Eligible Models:

Persona 9H, 7F, 5F, 3F, C, B, Sub

Founder 120H, 100F, 80F, 90C, 70LCR, 40B

Premier 800F, 700F, 600C, 500C, 200B, 100B

XR Subwoofers XR11, XR13

and ...

25% off MSRP on Paradigm Monitor Series models: Monitor SE , 6000F, 3000F, 2000C, Atom, Surround 1 and 3

30% off MSRP on Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F ( while supplies last)

20% off MSRP on Paradigm Defiance V models:  V8, 10, 12