Audio Power Industries Power Wedge PW116

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Outlet configuration: 10 outlets total. 4 high current amplifier outlets, 1200 watts total. 3 banks of 2 isolated outlets at 120 watts each outlet. One outlet is reverse polarity. it offers a reverse polarity AC outlet which can improve the sound of digital equipment.The PW 116 has complete over-current and over-voltage protection. Built entirely of high grade industrial quality components -- made in the USA-- in a heavy all-metal chassis.API is the original Power Conditioning Company. The PW-116 is built like a tank and is expected to last a lifetime.Protect your equipment and get the best sound for a fraction of the original price ($569).The all metal chassis gives complete radiated noise shielding. Protection circuitry, includes metal oxide varistors (MOVs) circuit breakers, and fuses on isolated outlets. Audio Power's unique non-resonant filters are designed specifically for audio and video applications. It has industrial grade AC outlets, a heavy 6 foot, detachable power cord that meets or exceeds all U.L. standards with a superior, high current IEC 320 connector. The power cord is heavy duty and non-detachable, giving the advantage of having one less connection in the circuit.Custom made high current, low noise isolation transformers on the isolated source outlets provide full inter-component isolation. This unit fully isolates source components. It is recommended by experts that no interconnected source component should be plugged directly into the wall or back of another component for best results. This is important for eliminating hum and can make a dramatic difference in audio quality. Designed to handle large systems with up to 6 source components. Reviewers have heard a difference in the quality of the sound, in fact, the Power Wedge 116 was the winner of Stereophile's Product of the Year award for Accessories!

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