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The ST2140 utilizes high quality electronic circuitry to achieve an environment where in a detailed, transparent, and highly musical sound can be realized. The high quality parts complement include state-of-the-art solid state devices, 1% metal film resistors, computer grade electrolytic power supply capacitors, and a high capacity toroidal transformer.

The ST2140 operates class A pre-driver and AB high current MOSFET power output stages. It is capable of reproducing the most demanding audio signals at rated power levels.

Single ended and balance inputs

Power rating: 8 ohms /4 ohms 140 watts @ 1 kHz / 185 watts @ 1 kHz

Frequency responseInput sensitivity 5 Hz - 45 kHz1.2 Volts

THD 0.09 % @ 1 kHz33.2 k ohms

17"(w) X 15.5"(d) X 5.75"(h)31 lbs

Unit comes with Power cord and user manual

sn. 89487

Here is the review of this amplifier and matching PT3 II preamp.

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