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Bel Canto DAC3 represents a powerful statement in high performance audio data converters. Its superb audio performance and transparency renders it the modern standard in DAC design:

Ultra-ClockTM master reference clock provides superb dynamics, spatial resolution and accuracy of timbre

125dB dynamic range ensures un-compromised audio quality

5 digital inputs including AES, SPDIF-BNC,SPDIF-RCA, USB and TOSLINK

4-layer PC board design for superior signal routing, grounding and power supply routing

Latest generation of low-noise, low-distortion, high speed, class A biased, fully balanced audio circuits provide superb measured and subjective audio quality

Multi-stage power supplies for precise power to the sensitive analog and digital circuitry

Independent analog and digital power transformers and power supplies for optimum isolation and system grounding

Digital level control with 4.5V rms balanced outputs for driving a power amp directly, providing the greatest system transparency and dynamic performance

Single-knob user user interface provides simple, intuitive control function

Dual stage de-jitter architecture ensures optimum jitter performance

24/192 DAC operation and slow roll-off analog and digital filters for optimum phase performance, enhanced spatial imaging and natural harmonic structure

Digital Section

16/32 to 24/192 Inputs: AES 110ohm XLR, SPDIF 75ohm BNC and RCA, TOSLINK

16/32 to 16/48 Input: USB
All inputs are galvanically isolated from the internal circuit and chassis grounds.

Master Clock jitter: 2 picoseconds RMS, 25 picoseconds Peak-Peak

Analog Section:

Maximum Output: 4.5V rms balanced XLR, 2.25V rms RCA

Output Impedance: 200 ohms balanced XLR, 500 ohms RCA

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, +/- 0.5dB

THD+N: 0.0015%, 4.5V rms balanced Out, 1KHz

IMD (CCIF): 0.0005%, 19:20KHz

Output Noise: 3uVrms A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz

Dynamic Range: 125 dB A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz

8.5” W x 12.5” D x 3” H (216 mm x 318 mm x 75 mm)14lbs. (6.5 kg)

Serial No. D3-768

Included Accessories:

Power cord

Remote control

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