Classe CA-2300

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9 out of 10
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Two channel power amplifier:

300W rms into 8W (24.8 dBW)

600W rms into 4W (24.8 dBW)

From reviewers:

"For $7,000 the Classe Delta CA-2300 amplifier is a stunning achievement and more than just a taste of the high-end pie - in fact you'd have to spend upwards of double its asking price to better it and even then the improvements would be subtle.

The CA-2300's midrange is seductive with an open top end that is almost perfect in my book possessing both air and extension without ever seeming harsh or brittle. The CA-2300's bass is agile and taut though, and like the CA-2300's midrange and treble performance, it isn't aggressive or exaggerated - it's just right. That really is the best way to sum up the CA-2300: it's not the most electrifying amplifier you'll ever hear in that it doesn't immediately grab you and make you pay attention, but I wouldn't call it vague, dark or romanticized either; it's just right.

The CA-2300 is right for a lot of musical tastes and genres, it's right for a wide variety of loudspeakers and it's right for the money. To say that I enjoyed my time with the CA-2300 would be an understatement, for I found the CA-2300 to be one of the best high-end sounding amplifiers under $10,000 that I've ever heard."

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