Harbeth Monitor 30.1

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9 out of 10
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Type: Two-way vented
Frequency response: 50Hz–20kHz +/-3dB free space, 1m with grille on
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 85dB 1W/1m, 25Wpc minimum power recommended
Power handling: 150W program
Dimensions: 11″ x 19″ x 10.5″
Finish: Cherry, tiger ebony, eucalyptus, maple, rosewood, gun grey, arctic white, jet black
Weight: 30 lbs. each

"Hardly inexpensive at $6000 a pair, the Monitor 30.1 is so beautifully voiced, balanced, and natural sounding as to make it one of the most completely satisfying speaker systems I’ve ever used. To give you some idea of just how much I like it, most of the time when I review or otherwise evaluate speakers I can’t wait to get them out of the house and return to my Quad 2805s or 57s. The occasion of this review is the first time in I can’t remember when that I’m perfectly happy to keep listening to the speakers under evaluation. I don’t know how much longer the 30.1s will be allowed to remain here now that I’ve finished, but I fully intend to keep them up and running until the deliveryman knocks at the door. And he can bloody well wait while I box them up!"

Full The Absolute Sound review here

Stands not included.

Original boxes included.

sn.1057L and 1057R

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