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Nearly perfect condition fully tuned McIntosh MR77 FM tuner.

SENSITIVITY: 2μV for 35 dB of quieting; 2.5μA at 100%modulation (±75 kHz deviation) for 3% total noise and harmonic distortion

SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: 75 dB below 100% modulation

HARMONIC DISTORTION: 0.2% mono or stereo at 100%modulation, 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz. Typically, 0.05% at1,000Hz

DRIFT: 25,000 Hz in first two minutes; thereafter 5,000Hz at 25°C in 24 hours

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±1 dB 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz with standard de-emphasis, (75μS) and 19,000 Hz pilot filter

CAPTURE RATIO: 0.25 dB detector only; 2.5 dB complete tuner

SELECTIVITY: Adjacent channel 6 dB IHF, carrier 47dB down; Alternate channel 50 dB IHF, carrier 90 dB down


IMAGE REJECTION: 100 dB; 88 to 108 MHz (IHF)

MAXIMUM SIGNAL INPUT: 12 volts across 300 ohms antenna terminals will not increase harmonic or intermodulation distortion

INTERMODULATION DISTORTION: 0.2% mono or stereo for any combination of frequencies from 20Hz to 15,000 Hz with peak modulation equal to 100%or less. Typically 0.1%

AUDIO HUM: 75 dB down from 100% modulationMUTING: 70 dB noise reduction between stations

MUTING THRESHOLD: Position 1; 5 μ V ; Position 2,20μV

SCA FILTER: 50 dB down from 67 kHz to 74 kHz; 275dB per octave slope

STEREO SEPARATION: 40 dB at 1,000 Hz

STEREO FILTER: 10 dB noise reduction in position 1; 20 dB noise reduction in position 2

ANTENNA INPUTS: 300 ohms balanced; 75 ohms un-balanced

AUDIO OUTPUT: 2.5 volts into 47,000 ohms; 1 volt into 600 ohms from fixed output

POWER REQUIREMENT: 120 volts, 50/60 Hz. 35 watts

IF SYSTEM: 8-Pole Rimo Filter, 2 IC's, 1 J-Fet, and push-pull overlay power transistor stage driving a linear phase bridge discriminator

STEREO INDICATOR: Front panel stereo light activated by 19,000 Hz only

AUTOMATIC MONO-STEREO SWITCH: Mclntosh denveloped; all electronic automatic mono-stereo switching circuit

SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 21 Transistors, 24Diodes, 4 Integrated Circuits, 1 Indicator Tube


SIZE: Front panel measures 16 inches wide (40.64 cm)by 5-7/16 inches high (13.81 cm). Chassis measures15 inches wide (38.1 cm) by 13 inches deep (33.02cm), including PANLOC shelf and back panel connectors. Knob clearance required is 11⁄2 inches (3.81cm) in front of mounting panel

FINISH: Front panel is anodized gold and black with special Mclntosh gold/teal panel nomenclature illumination. Chassis is chrome and black

MOUNTING: Exclusive Mclntosh developed profesinsional PANLOC

WEIGHT: 27 pounds (12.25 kg) net

MR77 top without wood cabinet
Back panel
Right side
Left sid
MR77 Top of cabinet
Right side cabinet
Left side cabinet
MR 77 inside with all covers removed ( during final testing and calibration)
MR77 Inside from bottom side
Bottom cover
RCA Jacks
MR 77 Back panel (with wood case)
Only imperfect part of metal chassis
Serial number

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