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Solid-state Direct Digital, stereo integrated amplifier with remote control, four digital and two analog inputs, digital processor loop

Digital input sample rates accepted: 32–192kHz at up to 32-bit word length.

Maximum continuous power: >200Wpc into 8 ohms (>23dBW), >250Wpc into 4 ohms (21dBW), >300W into 2 ohms (18.8dBW).

IHF dynamic power: 300Wpc into 8 ohms (24.8dBW), 450Wpc into 4 ohms (23.5dBW), 600W into 2 ohms (21.8dBW).

Maximum output current: >27A.

Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.3dB, –3dB at >85kHz.

Channel separation: >80dB (analog inputs), >90dB (digital inputs), both at 10kHz ref. 1/3 rated power into 4 ohms.

Damping factor: >2000 (20–200Hz).

Distortion: <0.02%, 20Hz–20kHz at 100mW–rated power, with Audio Precision AES17 and passive 20kHz filters.

Input sensitivity: 296mV for 100W output, 418mV for rated power.

Input impedance: 36k ohms in parallel with 200pF.

Maximum input level: 5.6V RMS at –9dB level trim setting.

Signal/noise: >95dB A-weighted ref. 1W, >118dB A-weighted ref. 200W.

Power consumption: 500W in normal use, 100W at idle, 1W in standby.

serial number:H99M200128

Unit comes with original remote (condition of remote 7/10) ,user manual, power cord and original box.

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