Nordost Heimdall 2 Interconnect

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Nordost's Heimdall 2 continues where its predecessor, the original Heimdall, left off with delivering maximum performance for a remarkably low price. Using four 24AWG Solid OFC conductors with Nordost's proprietary silver plating, Heimdall 2 delivers rich, pure musicality throughout the extremes of the frequency range. The Mono-Filament conductors are wrapped with a Helix-wound thread and then placed in Nordost's proprietary insulator to ensure a practically perfect "air-dielectric" for minimal distortion and smooth, warm delivery. The cables are then terminated with MoonGlo gold-plated connectors. This combination will give your system brilliant imaging and musical insight into the performance, while delivering Nordost’s tremendous speed and dynamic presentation. Your ticket to audiophile heaven just got upgraded to first class.

Lenght 1M

serial No.Y7632

Original packing

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