Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon

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Single original owner who took great care of all of his equipment. Now relocating to different state and smaller apartment where his old system would not fit.

RPM 5 Carbon implements the principles of its big brother, RPM 9 Carbon. The low-resonance, carbon-wrapped MDF chassis carries an inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for ultra-low rumble. The acoustically inert platter is made from satinized acrylic. The outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precise AC generator with DC power supply for further speed stability. The premium 9cc Evolution armtube & headshell are made from a single piece of carbon fiber and is suitable for an array of MM and MC cartridges. A TPE-damped counterweight further reduces unwanted resonance in the tonearm section. All told, RPM 5 Carbon represents a multi-faceted approach to getting your records to sound their very best… and at a stunning price when considering its implementations.


  • Precision belt drive using free-standing synchronous motor
  • Ultra-precision DC-driven AC generator motor power
  • Inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball
  • Acoustically inert acrylic platter
  • 9” cc EVO tonearm made from carbon
  • Counterweight with TPE damping
  • Adjustable aluminium tip-toe feet
  • Handmade in Europe

  • Like NEW condition
  • 4 different counterweights
  • serial no: 16S034257
  • All original box packaging and manual included.
  • Nagaoka MP-200 cartridge included

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