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The Jupiter CD Player is housed in the Rega custom built extruded aluminium case and includes the strong heat sink base assembly to give added stability to the mechanical parts. The Jupiter also has the new top loading lid assembly. It uses the same basic circuit topology as the original Jupiter and Io but with improvements in the DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), power supply and clocking stages. The Jupiter CD player has additional sonic improvements, to provide a higher level of performance over that of the Planet .

Converter is based around two custom built IC40 DAC chips with separate DAC's for the left and right channels. DC servo control has been used in the post DAC amplifier and filter stages thereby keeping the capacitors in the signal path to a minimum. The power supply is made up from 7 separate power supplies feeding the mechanism, PLL, DAC digital and analogue sections, micro controller, display, analogue amplifier and filter. All the stages for the clock PLL and in the signal path are double regulated. There are two physically separate raw supplies for the noisy stages (motor drivers etc.) and for the clean stages (DAC, Clock & DSP etc.). The Jupiter has a generously rated toroidal transformer with separate windings for the two raw power supplies. The signal for the Mechanism is processed by a data regeneration stage, where the Data, Bit Clock & Word Clock are realigned and then fed to the Rega IC40 DACs for conversion. The Jupiter CD player uses a high stability oscillator module for the main clock. The Master clock feeding the CD Mechanism and DSP is derived from a PLL clock stage for added stability. The Jupiter uses a high performance CDM145BL-5BD25 kit with an improved display and a better level of user functionality.

* Rega 24 Bit Sigma Delta IC40 DAC
* Rega IC40 DAC used in differential mode
* Separate DAC for each channel
* Rega data regeneration process
* Rega custom built extruded aluminium case with a high stability base
* Rega VCS case isolation system
* Multiple power supplies
* Dual regulation power supply
* High performance Sony CD Mechanism
* Toslink & coaxial digital outputs
* CD Text display

This unit comes with remote, power cord

serial number032916

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