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Originally for use with Kenwood KD-750, KD-650 and KD-600 Turntables, the TS-10 Ceramic Sheet has been designed to provide exactly the high mechanical impedance under the stylus, and high anti-vibration performance.

The material of the TS-10 is basically a seramic, containing fine sapphire crystals the hardness of which is nearly equal to that of diamond.

It is made by sintering alumina, a sintered ceramic which is porous and is impregnated with 50% silicone rubber.

The modulus of elasticity of alumina, which demonstrates the rigidity of the alumina sheet, is 38,000kg/mm2.

As a result of this high rigidity, the TS-10 prevents low-range vibration from reaching the record.

The silicon rubber impregnated in the sheet which occupies 18% of the volume absorbs high and middle range vibration.


Material: open pore type ceramic

Main material: white electrically fused alumina particles

Connective material: high velocity glass

Diameter: 303mm

Thickness: 7mm

Weight: 1200g

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