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Product listed below is cheap and is sold as is. It works but we will not offer any guarantee on it. You can try before you buy. All sales are final.

  • EPI M110 Bookshelf speakers $80

  • Sound stream DAC 1 (D/A converter) $75 or B/O
  • Paradigm PW600 (Wireless speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology, brand new in sealed box) $200
  • AudioQuest VDM-1 (6 Ft Video/Digital Cable) $15
  • Cobra FM405 indoor amplified FM antenna $25

  • AudioQuest Video Two (3 Ft Digital/Video Cable) $30
  • Tributaries Silver Audio Interconnect ( 6 Ft pair of RCA cables) $30
  • Tributaries Silver Video Interconnect (3 Ft Video/Digital cable) $20
  • Cardas Crosslink 1 ( 5 Ft pair of RCA wires) $50
  • Transparent Cable MusicLink Plus (5 Ft pair of RCA cables) $50
  • Boston Acoustics Avidea TSU501 (universal tech panel remote control, brand new in box) $25 or B/O
  • Pioneer PDM-550 (cartridge type 5 disc cd changer, remote control and 15 cartridges included) $75
  • Sonos Bridge (Sonos Mash network extender) $10

You can try before you buy. All sales are final.

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