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High current dual mono, dual transformer Integrated Amplifier.

"This amp puts out a very spacious natural soundstage, clean with plenty of drive, as good as solid state get! It is no wonder this amp is a favorite with critics and has always been YBA's best seller. The Integre DT is simply one of the best integrated amplifiers on the market. This unit has a Charcoal faceplate, is rated at 50 high-current watts per channel into eight ohms, 90 into 4 ohms and includes dual transformers. Remote control option built in and remote included ($250 option.) YBA products, all designed by Yves-Bernard Andre in St. Etienne, France, are built to satisfy the needs of both the ardent music lover and the demanding audiophile. This is the real YBA that is built in France (not the Asian line). YBA's design philosophy rests on three fundamental criteria: 1. Musical quality -- the principle objective of YBA is to achieve faithful reproduction of music, without any added effects. All designs are implemented so that the listener forgets the system and hears only the music. 2. Longevity -- not only must the product be faithful to music but it must also last. The secret of this longevity is fundamental in the design of YBA. They build products reliably and ensure upgradability. Indeed, since 1988, every YBA product has been designed to benefit from the latest innovations and your investment can evolve, by upgrading, into other models. 3. Simplicity -- to obtain the best possible sound, the shorter and simpler the signal path, the better the sound at output. This simplicity guarantees longevity and allows intense attention to even the smallest detail. Simplicity results in the refined and natural sound of YBA. Retailing for well over $2750 some people would consider the price of this amp to be excessive, however when you compare the parts quality, attention to detail and design philosophy then you realize you are getting quality and a piece of audio equipment with style and class!"

Manual , and power cord included.

Serial Number: A4F52401

YBA Integre DT with matching YBA Integre CD Player

Matching CD player available for $499 if unit bought together.

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