Grado GS2000e

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On ear headphones. Design and built in Brooklyn NY.

  • Statement Series 
  • best drivers
  • Ultraquick
  • ultralight
  • wooden housing
  • leather headband
  • extension cord included
  • 1/8' adapter included
  • A 4-pin XLR balance cable option is available.

…The Grado statement headphones are to the audiophile what Stradivarius is to the violin. The sensations of listening put you with tears in the eyes so much the beauty, the delicacy, the loyalty of sounds overtake the imagination. The sound stage is wide and of an incredible scale, the slightest details are faithfully transcribed without being analytical, the dynamics so impressive without ever assaulting the ear. This headphone is simply an audiophile work of art... I look forward to the opportunity of a stay in New York to meet the GRADO family

- Olivier Colloud

Grado headphones have a sound. I'm never more aware of that as when I listen to Grados at recording sessions. I could go into the studio and hear the band play -- then hear them in the control room with a set of Grados and feel their energy. Grado headphones reach me in ways that other headphones rarely do. - Steve Guttenberg, CNET

“Live and coherent sound...light weight for it´s size… Combining different wood materials – maple and mahogany – makes the look and feel of the 270grams headphones more lighter. Also the use a good quality leather makes the finish impeccable” - Hifimaailma

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