Used Equipment

All used products are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
All used products are fully tested, repaired as-needed, and in 100% correct working order.
Before we sell it, we clean, repair (as-needed) and test it. On picture our service bench.

Currently Available Used Equipment

Music Hall MMF-1.3

3 speed manual turntable ( like new)
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Sony ST-J75

Good FM tuner
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Michell Gyrodec

The Michell GyroDec is a three-point spring-suspended turntable.
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Paradigm Export Monitor

Two way large bookshelf speaker. Oak finish.
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Acurus DIA-100

100Wpc integrated amplifier
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Adcom GFA555mk2

Adcom all time classic 200 Wpc power amplifier.
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80 Wpc, Hi current, integrated amplifier with built in 24 bit DAC.
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Yard Sale

Yard sale, cheap, try before you buy, cash and carry. Amps, speakers, cables, etc.
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Audio Research SP-12

Tube preamplifier with phono stage
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PS Audio HCA-2

150Wpc. Two channel power amplifier.
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Classe CA-150

150 watts stereo, 500 watts mono, stereo power amplifier.
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Krell S1500/7

7 channel 150W amplifier with RCA and XLR inputs.
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