Sumiko Olympia stylus upgrade at no charge!

September 6, 2022
September 30, 2022

Buy a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO or Debut PRO, proceed to register your promo purchase (click here!) and receive a Sumiko Olympia stylus upgrade at no charge!

Sumiko Olympia – Recommended by the Experts

“From the Rainier to the Olympia, you get another level of acoustic refinement to the mix with an upgraded stylus and cantilever assembly, allowing for more dynamic punch and improved frequency response during playback. Due to its improved tracking capabilities, the Olympia is an excellent return on investment when upgrading from the Rainier cartridge and can even be upgraded to the capable Moonstone stylus further on down the line.”
—Positive Feedback

“The MM Olympia offered outstanding, full-range playback and I was pleasantly surprised by its bass output, quite tight and full. This is quite possibly the best $200 cartridge I’ve heard.”
—Secrets of Home Theater Hi-Fi

“The Olympia cartridge is something of a Clark Kent: it’s usually the mild-mannered cartridge for a great metropolitan turntable. But then, it can duck into a phone booth and come out as the Cartridge of Steel, ready to handle the grittiest rock.”
—Soundstage! Access

Summer Floor Demo Sale

July 1, 2022
September 30, 2022

Summer Floor Demo Sale is extended as we still have few over year old floor models left here and there.

Visit us on or after September 6 (we are on vacation Aug 17- Sep 5) and seize saving opportunity.

There’s something refreshing about Q Audio!

Yes, Q Audio is re-freshing.

Freshening things up by putting our vendors' latest production models on demo. Displaying new colors, new features and new options.This makes it possible for us to offer you, our valued customer, a once-annual opportunity to purchase our current display models at significant savings. Please communicate with us directly by calling the store for specific pricing on specific models.

All products retain manufacturer’s limited warranty, original packaging and supplied accessories.

Limited to floor demo speakers and electronics 1 year + old.

Knowledge and Advice is Priceless.

Knowledge and Good Advice from Q Audio

We spend countless hours evaluating all kinds of HiFi equipment. We test all new technologies.

We filter out what works, as advertised, and what doesn’t work.  Then, if we like a particular product and find that its price-to-performance ratio is satisfactory we offer it to our customers.

By doing so we offer you superior products- saving you time & money while eliminating any frustration or dissatisfaction.

A ‘great price' is no guarantee of a 'good deal'

People often make purchases based solely upon price.  Seeing a price tag of 30% off, 40% off or 50% off MSRP suggests a ‘great price’ or a ‘good deal’, but frequently the offered product never sells at anywhere near MSRP or hasn’t a ‘regular’ everyday price.  50% off an inflated list price is no ‘deal’.  It’s deceptive.  

Ask yourself how does its price-to-performance ratio stack up against a product from Q Audio?  Want to know the answer?  Call Q Audio and find out if you’re being offered a great price and a good deal.

Q Audio prices are competitive and we price-match any authorized dealer offerings

When you buy from Q Audio you can rest assured you're getting the same discounts, deals and specials as seen on vendors' websites. Often, we're able to offer

additional savings, too!

Please be certain to visit us before you make any online 'one-click' transaction.

Don't forget you get our personal service and attention.

To us, you are a real person not a 'computer click'.

We are here to answer all your questions before and after the sale.

Simply Priceless.