Trade UP ANY BRAND of old electronics for 20%-off select* new Anthem processors, receivers or amplifiers!

May 1, 2019
June 30, 2019

It’s time to retire that old processor and graduate to multi-channel, your antique amp is running dangerously hot these days, and your old receiver is not “tuning” in to the latest streaming audio technology. Trade them UP to new Anthem electronics today, and get a minimum** of 20%-off the purchase price of the newest, most powerful technology from Anthem.


* Products included in this offer are STR Integrated, STR Amplifier, STR Preamplifier, AVM 60, MRX 1120/720/520 and MCA 525/325/225. Can not be combined with other promotions.

Get a minimum of 20%-off the purchase price on STR Integrated, STR Amplifier, STR Preamplifier, AVM 60, MRX 1120/720/520 and MCA 525/325/225. Anthem offers audiophile-grade high performance electronics for any audio/video application.

         There has never been an offer like this in the history of audio electronics. And it’s only good for a limited time. So disconnect all those dusty old components and bring them to Q Audio today.

Promotion Details

Simply fill out the TradeUP form in this link and Anthem will email you a special coupon code good for 20%-off your purchase of select** Anthem products. Bring the coupon code and your old electronics (any brand!) to us and you’ll get a minimum* of 20%-OFF your new Anthem electronics purchase.

** Minimum direct-from-Anthem discount is 20% with qualifying trade-in. Depending on model, age, and condition of your old components Q Audio may offer an additional discount toward your purchase. Offer is valid only in USA and Canada, and only from May 1st - June 30th, 2019. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Paradigm Cinema 100CT $499

January 1, 2019
May 29, 2019

Complete 5.1 speaker system including powered subwoofer. When size and sound matter, this affordable audiophile collection delivers blockbuster solutions like Cinema. Cinema speakers are designed for smaller spaces but despite their compact size, they deliver a blockbuster music and home theater experience. While it's true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that can be "hidden" in many living spaces, when it comes to great audiophile sound these systems had never delivered... until Cinema. For years now, Paradigm award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering a seamless music and home theater soundstage that brings movies to life and makes music sound "live." Rumour has it that with this new generation of Cinema speakers, the sound may be even better than the movie.

MSRP $999 Save 50% Sale $499

While supply last

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"PARADIGM 100 CT AND CINEMA SUB LOUDSPEAKER REVIEWVoices were clean and uncoloured, even when Hollywood's finest are shouting, and the sheer size of the sound belies the size of the boxes. This really is a system for someone who craves a big sound but wants to avoid room-dominating speakers... Paradigm's 100CT speakers, and the subwoofer that goes with them, form a bit of a wonder package. -- Adam Rayner , Home Cinema Choice"