Musical Fidelity

March 7, 2023
April 15, 2023

Our favorite product (especially amplifiers) are available at a 20% discount off MSRP

Musical Fidelity amplifiers perform better, in our opinion, than any competing amplifiers selling up to three times the price.

This limited time (ends April 15) /limited supply opportunity translates into an extraordinary deal at 20% off.  Act now!

Musical Fidelity M2si

Musical Fidelity M6si

Anthem Spring Event

February 15, 2023
March 31, 2023

Since its launch in January 2021, the new Anthem x40 series has been an overwhelming success and quickly established itself as the performance leader in their respective category and price point. This past July, Anthem added ARC Genesis support for auto phase and auto distance and then, later in the fall, 8K support to take the performance of these models to a whole new level.

Save 15% on best AV gear on the market.

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Pro-Ject Amps And Pre-amps Closeout

February 4, 2023
March 4, 2023
Special orders, While supplies last

Pro-Ject Essential III Artist Series Turntable Sale

February 4, 2023
February 23, 2023

Already a bargain at its price, the Pro-Ject Essential III Artist Edition record player is now on special.

Choose your design: George Harrison, Ringo Starr or Sgt. Pepper.

Normally: $499 , Sale $249

Limited quantities available. Act Fast.

Pro-Ject Audio Essential III Turntable

Over the past 20 years, Pro-Ject’s Essential record player has established something of a legacy. The most recent version (Essential III) maximizes the sonic performance you can achieve for your dollar. Pro-Ject does so by stripping away features that can cause unwanted resonance and honing in on the the development of sound-enhancing features.

A Solid Foundation

Essential III uses a solid MDF base (or plinth), meaning there are no cavernous hollow spaces that would otherwise resonate and negatively impact sound quality. Top-quality MDF (medium-density fiber) is implemented for rigidity and for effective resonance absorption. This amounts to compelling audio reproduction that will last you a lifetime. The base is supported by decoupling isolation feet borrowed from the world-famous Debut Carbon

Decoupled Motor & Acrylic Platter Upgrade

A precision-machined diamond-cut motor pulley helps to ascertain speed stability and longevity. The pulley is propelled by a high quality DC-driven motor control circuit delivering precision in speed and low resonance transfer. The motor and pulley are offset from the platter and bearing to further isolate the record while it plays. Adding Acryl it E not only enhances the stylish aesthetics, but the material is widely known to improve sound quality via resonance suppression. Over the lacquered MDF plinth and the effective isolation feet, the machine operates silently.

Audiophile Tonearm & Classic Phono Cartridge

Tack on the rigid, one-piece aluminum tonearm with top-notch bearings for ultra-smooth operation and the classic Ortofon OM 10 MM phono cartridge, and truly you’ve got yourself set to take your listening experience to the next level. The one-piece aluminum arm tube provides rigidity and optimal mass for the OM 10. Sapphire tonearm bearings provide fluid lateral motion for precise, unencumbered tracking of the record groove. The Ortofon OM 10 phono cartridge has famously high value, delivering clarity, detail, transparency & resolution that’ll immerse you in your music.

Limited Edition Collectible

Pro-Ject USA stocks the world’s remaining supply of these limited edition collaborations with Bravado, Apple Corps, and Studio Number One. First and foremost, they’re designed as upgrades from their base-level models so you can enjoy not only the conversation-starter aspect of their visual appeal, but you can expect your record collection to be more engaging sonically as well. Act now before they’re gone for good!

Floor Demo Sale

February 4, 2023
February 23, 2023

There’s something refreshing about Q Audio!

Yes, Q Audio is refreshing.

Freshening things up by putting our vendors' latest production models on demo. Displaying new colors, new features and new options.This makes it possible for us to offer you, our valued customer, a once-annual opportunity to purchase our current display models at significant savings. Please communicate with us directly by calling the store for specific pricing on specific models.

All products retain manufacturer’s limited warranty, original packaging and supplied accessories.

Limited to floor demo speakers and electronics 1 year + old.

Andover Audio






Musical Fidelity


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By doing so we offer you superior products- saving you time & money while eliminating any frustration or dissatisfaction.

A ‘great price' is no guarantee of a 'good deal'

People often make purchases based solely upon price.  Seeing a price tag of 30% off, 40% off or 50% off MSRP suggests a ‘great price’ or a ‘good deal’, but frequently the offered product never sells at anywhere near MSRP or hasn’t a ‘regular’ everyday price.  50% off an inflated list price is no ‘deal’.  It’s deceptive.  

Ask yourself how does its price-to-performance ratio stack up against a product from Q Audio?  Want to know the answer?  Call Q Audio and find out if you’re being offered a great price and a good deal.

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