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Brand new, genuine Thorens belt (no logo) for new line, including acrylic.

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"Drive Belts and suspension: Thorens suspended turntables isolate the platter and tonearm from electric motor vibrations by utilizing a separate chassis suspended by springs, and by an elastic drive belt. In the case of the TD125/6, 14x, 15x, 16x models, three conical coil springs are located under the floating sub-chassis. The TD125/6 differs from the others because it supports the springs from below by adjuster cups located in a metal tray. The TD 14x, 15x and 16x models hold their springs on three steel studs that hang downward from the top plate. In each case, the springs are located below the platter bearing. In all of these designs, the belt itself is an important part of the overall suspension scheme. The job it must do is not simple. The flat belt drives the inner driven-platter by grip. In order to produce exceptional sound, the belt must maintain constant velocity between the motor pulley and the driven inner platter. Any belt slippage or variation in rotational speed of the driven-platter caused by belt action will degrade sonic output. At the same time, the belt is relied upon to allow independent motion of the suspended chassis. In reality, the belt will exert some influence on the action of the floating sub-chassis. Be sure that all this was taken into account by the original designers. The belt is an integral part of the suspension design. Belt tension and the motor: Belt tension (and belt elasticity) not only affects suspension operation, it also affects motor noise. If there is too much belt tension, the motor shaft will be forced into hard contact with the upper motor bushing...causing excessive motor vibrations to be introduced into the chassis. The result is dull, lackluster sound quality. Too little belt tension and there will be slippage at the drive pulley (lack of dynamic snap). Either condition is to be avoided."

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