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For the most demanding audiophiles!

The AVM 90 new flagship A/V Processor with upgraded audio circuitry, 4 independent subwoofer outputs and a 32-bit AKM AK4499EQ DAC with 768kHz sampling capability. It represents Anthem’s ultimate expression of audio performance

15.4 A/V Pre-Amplifier/Processor with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced. Includes ARC (Anthem Room Correction).


All-New Electronics Platform, with Anthem RoomCorrection up to 19 channels, HDMI 2.1, HDCP 2.3supporting 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz

Reliable Networking Platform with web-based setup and over-the-air updates

Next-Generation DSP Platform with 64-bit floating-point data processing and dual precision states

Platform Agnostic Streaming with Google Chromecast (Audio), AirPlay 2 (Audio), Bluetooth v4.2, Spotify Connect, and Roon (Coming Soon!)

Modernized Design with high-resolution front panel display

MM Phono Stage

Upgraded Audio Circuitry

Limitless Possibilities

Today’s premium home theaters support up to 15 speakers and four subwoofers to handle Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-oriented audio codecs. Pair the AVM 90 Processor with a stack of MCA amplifiers, and you’ll hear sound that rivals the best cinemas. MCA’s scalability means you can purchase only the channels you need to power your home entertainment system.The AVM 90 manages configurations up to 19-channels (15.4)with ARC Genesis ensuring the best possible sound at every seat.

Advanced 8K HDMI Platform

Feel the power of every frame with the AVM 90 and its advanced8K HDMI 2.1 Platform with HDCP 2.3. Showcasing 7 dedicatedHDMI 2.1 inputs supporting 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz pass-through and 3 HDMI outputs with eARC, you can enjoy

8K quality video from all of your 8K source devices in amazing clarity. The latest HDMI technology, allows you to take your home entertainment
to the next level with HDR10+, ALLM, VRR, QMS and QFT support.

Flexible Streaming

The AVM 90 includes a robust set of
streaming options that can pull your music in
from local storage or from the internet. Thanks
to Anthem’s high-speed processing and premium digital-to-analog conversion using high-end DACs,
sound quality can be every bit as good as dropping a CD into a dedicated disc player. In some cases, high resolution streams can sound even better than CDs, approaching the quality ofSACD, DVD-A, and Blu-ray audio.

Perfect Harmony

It’s not about a single component, single feature or piece of software; it is about the totality of our design—everything working together in perfect harmony to deliver a performance that genuinely transcends the listening experience.

Setting the standard for over 20 years, we knew that it would take something extraordinary to push the boundaries of performance even further. So every aspect of the design was scrutinized, every component carefully considered and reconsidered. We started with an oversized high-efficiency toroidal power supply, isolating the high power signals from the sensitive audio pathway. The critical conversion from digital to analog utilizes the highest performanceESS Sabre DACs for all 19 channels (15.4) of processing.

But reference DACs aren’t enough; we know the entire signal path needed to be upgraded to match. So hand-selected ultra-low noise linear regulators were substituted. Customized for audio applications, the revolutionary dual regulator design provides the low noise, low distortion outputs necessary for driving reference audio converters. As the complexity increased, it became necessary to implement premium high-layer count circuit boards with additional isolating ground planes. This allowed our engineers the freedom to ensure every channel hasa unique and pristine signal path. Ultra-low noise high output op-amps were carefully selected, and superior 0.1% high precision resistors were used to reduce distortion further and ensure gain consistency between channels adjusts its output. Not only does ARC correct peaks and dips in a speaker’s frequency response, but it also preserves the beneficial acoustic attributes of a room.

After hearing the AVM 90 for the first time, we knew that we had exceeded every expectation. Rendering the signal with such vividness, such stunning clarity, you’ll want to reach out and touch it.

    And here is our first Anthem AVM90 install. Replacement for dated but still good Anthem D2V.

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